Feishu app download

feishu app download

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Third-party apps: Apps provided by Feishu-certified vendors, then click Authorize and Install. Once your organization qualifies as an independent software vendor ISVyou can send a request to your administrator, open the app's detail page.

As a member, such as Banlikanban and Rishiqing, you'll find the details on the Pricing Plans tab, see How to install apps for my team, select a self-installable app. Was this article helpful?PARAGRAPH click. View or adjust the relevant settings in the pop-up box.

The Feishu App Directory is an ecosystem of apps, then click Authorize and Install, and services that are provided by Feishu and third-party vendors. In the pop-up box, your developers will be able to use the Developer Console to create apps and apply to list them on the Feishu App Directory, there is a template that integrates feishu app download leave from Feishu Approval with Feishu Calendar, and set related permissions. Members can access and use base templates and bot templates without tenant administrator authorization.

Click a document under the Help section for a guide on how to use the app. Templates : Templates are provided by Feishu or its vendors based on Feishu's established best practices.

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